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Since 2012, Creative Force Press has been working with authors across the country and beyond, assisting with every aspect: content creation, writing, editing, design, publishing and printing, and sales. Creative Force Press works with authors who want to self-publish, but don’t want to wade through the complex process themselves. We offer reasonably-priced publishing packages so authors can receive help every step of the way. See examples of Our Titles.

Do you have a book in you? Authors today have many options for getting their books published: everything from seeking out the acceptance of traditional publishers and large publishing houses to fully self-publishing and working on all the writing, editing, publishing and sales steps themselves. For those authors who’d prefer something in the middle, here at Creative Force Press, we’re here to help.


Deborah    Writing Director: Deborah McLain

Krista     Project Director: Krista Dunk


From time to time, author workshops and trainings are held in Western Washington. Check our Events & News page to find out about upcoming events.


Authors interested in learning more or discussing their project idea can contact writeabook @ creativeforcepress.com to schedule a $99 one-hour personal consultation, either in-person or via phone. We do not accept unsolicited manuscripts or materials for consideration.